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Stella Coeli:  Star of Heaven

This prayer is renowned  for its power in halting pandemics.  As far as we are aware the first and most famous  case occurred in Coimbra, Portugal in 1317.  It was recited by the nuns of St Claire and instantly the pandemic ceased.  It is indeed a powerful prayer and its recitation has reportedly been responsible for preserving many places from pestilence.

We may pray it, in the first instance so that our selves and our loved ones will be saved, but let us also pray it, united as one, that our own country may be spared. 

Like all prayers, it is not to be thought of as automatic.  It needs to be prayed in a spirit of confidence in God and confidence in the intercessory power of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  When it has been said in this manner, that is, full of confidence, that is when remarkable protection has taken place.

                                 Let us Pray:

The Star of Heaven that nourished the Lord, drove away the plague of death

which the first parents of man brought into the world. 

May this bright Star now vouchsafe to extinguish that foul constellation

whose battles have slain the people with the wound of death.

O most pious Star of the Sea, preserve us from pestilence;

hear us O Lady for Thy Son honours Thee by denying Thee nothing.

Save us O Jesus, for whom Thy Mother supplicates Thee. 

O God of Mercy, God of pity, God of benign clemency,

Thou Who has had compassion on the affliction of Your people,

and has said to the angel striking them, "Stop your hand;" for the love of this glorious Star,

whose breasts Thou did sweetly drink as antidote for our crimes,

grant the assistance of Thy grace, that we may be safely freed from all pestilence,

and from unprovided death;

and mercifully save us from the gulf of eternal perdition;

through Thee, Lord Jesus Christ, King of Glory,

Who livest and reignest, world without end.  Amen.

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