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God the Father

We know God as Father from Jesus Christ Himself.    Jesus proclaimed, "That Father and I are one," and "whoever has seen the Father has seen the Son."


The Gospels record  historical events in which the  Father actually speaking as a distinct person and as a distinct voice.  At the Baptism all present heard this loud and clear voice from the heavens, "This is My Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased."  We know it is God the Father speaking because He calls Jesus Son.


Then at the Transfiguration, a voice from heaven is again heard by all those present:

“This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased. Listen to him!”


Again we know it was God the Father speaking because He refers to Jesus as Son.

Jesus told us that he  came to establish the kingdom of the Father.  He revealed to us a Father who is merciful, compassionate, forgiving, loving and caring beyond what we can ever try to imagine. Moreover, Jesus invites us to enter into the same loving relationship with the Father that He has, and we do this,   by becoming one in mind, heart and soul with the person of Jesus Christ.


When Jesus taught the apostles the Lord's Prayer,  He did not tell us to address the Father as "The Father of Jesus",  but He said,  pray "Our Father". 


In recent times The Father manifested Himself and a beautiful message to Sr Eugenia".


The Message of God the Father to Mother Eugenia Rovasio


"Believe Me, if you had begun to honour Me with a special devotion from the times of the early Church, after twenty centuries few men would remain living in idolatry, in paganism and in so many false and evil sects, in which man is running blindly towards the abyss of eternal fire! And see how much work remains to be done! My hour has come! I must be known, loved and honoured by men, so that, having created them, I can be their Father, then their Saviour and finally the object of their eternal delight."   God the Father to Mother Eugenia

Mother Eugenia was born in San Gervasio d’Adda (now Capriato San Gervasio), Bergamo, Italy, on 4th September 1907. She only had the equivalent of a year or so of formal schooling.  She lost her mother at a young age. and was given the care and responsibility of  her mother in regards to the care of the family home.  She suffered greatly as an infant, was bedriden and could do nothing.  Her grandfather went to a local shrine to Our Lady by foot and begged Our Lady to either cure her or to take her from this world.  At the same time as he was praying at the shrine Eugenia had a heavenly visit from the Mother of God Herself, who instructed her to get out of her sick bed and who then helped the young Eugenia to get dressed. She entered the Congregation of Our Lady of the Apostles at the age of 20. Extaordinary for her time, she was elected superior General of the Congregation at the age of only 25. God the Father entrusted the message for the world in just two apparitions: the First was on the Feast of the Precious Blood, July 1st, 1932, and the second was August 12th of the same year. Although she did not understand Latin, the message was dictated in perfect Latin to the surprise of all the sisters and the Church authorities.In twelve years of missionary activity she opened over 70 centres in remote Africa and Asia, and Europe. It was she who discovered the First medicine for the cure of leprosy, extracting it from the seed of a tropical plant. She died a holy death on August 10th 1990.  

What her Bishop Said

Her bishop gives a most glowing testimony regarding her character:

“She sees every situation clearly and correctly. Her instructions are straight forward, precise and very practical.” The team of investigators that the Bishop appointed were particularly struck by her simplicity,

her humilty, her patience, her steadfastness. He wrote: “A number of circumstances also showed the nun to be capable of practising virtue to a heroic degree.” The commission determined that Sister Eugenia was so well balanced, so insightful and so well balanced that they concluded that the visions were of supernatural original:

“I declare that Supernatural and Divine Intervention seems to me

the only logical and satisfactory explanation of the Facts.”

I believe that the fundamental proof of the authenticity of the nun’s mission is shown by the way in which she puts into practice in her life the beautiful doctrine which she was apparently destined to remind us of.

After ten years of research, re ection and prayer, I bless the Father for having deigned to choose my diocese as the place for such touching manifestation of His love.

Most Rev. Alexandre Caillot, Bishop of Grenoble



God the Father Image

July 1, 1932: Feast of the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


Mother Eugenia here below describes the vision which is the basis for the icon we see on the right.  The icon is important not for its beauty but what it represents and the extraordinary message associated with it.   This is how she describes its origin:


"Here, finally, is the day, blessed for ever, the day the celestial Father promised! Today the long days of preparation are over, and I feel close, so close, to the coming of my Father and the Father of all men. A few minutes of prayer, and then what spiritual joys! I was overwhelmed by the desire to see Him and hear Him! My heart, burning with love, opened up with such great confidence that I realized that, until then, I had never been so trusting with anyone. The thought of my Father made me, as it were, madly happy. Finally I began to hear singing. Angels came to announce this glad arrival!



Their songs were so beautiful that I decided to note them down as soon as possible. This harmony ceased and then came a procession of the elect, the cherubim and seraphim, with God, our Creator and our Father. Prostrate, with my face to the ground, sunk in my own nothingness, I said the Magnificat. Immediately afterwards, the Father told me to sit close to Him and write what He had decided to say to men. The entire heavenly court who had accompanied Him vanished. Only the Father remained with me and, before sitting, He said: 

»I have already told you and now I say it again: I cannot give My beloved Son another time to prove My love for men! I am now coming among them in order to love them and to make them know this love, assuming their image, their poverty. Look, now I am putting aside My crown and all My glory to take on the appearance of an ordinary man!« 

Having assumed the appearance of an ordinary man by placing His crown and His glory at His Feet, He took the globe of the world and held it to His Heart, supporting it with His left Hand. He then sat next to me. I can say but a few words about His arrival and about the appearance He deigned to assume, and about His love! In my ignorance I do not have words to express what He revealed to me. He said: 

»Peace and salvation to this house and to the whole world! May My power, My love and My Holy Spirit touch men’s hearts, so that all mankind may turn to salvation and come to its Father, Who seeks it, to love and to save it! Let My Vicar Pius XI understand that these are days of salvation and blessing. Let him not fail to take this opportunity to call the attention of the children to their Father, Who is coming to help them in this life and to prepare their everlasting happiness. I have chosen this day to begin My work among men because today is the feast of the Precious Blood of My Son Jesus. I intend to bathe in this Blood the work I am beginning, so that it may bear great fruit among all mankind.


He told Sr Eugenia the three fold reason for his coming:


1) I am coming to banish the excessive fear that My creatures have of Me, and to show them that My joy lies in being known and loved by My children, that is, by all mankind, present and future. 


2) I am coming to bring hope to men and nations. How many have long since lost it! This hope will make them live in peace and security, working for their salvation. 


3) I am coming to make Myself known just as I am, so that men’s trust may increase together with their love for Me, their Father. I have but one concern: to watch over all men and love them as My children.

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