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Day 1 of the Novena To Our Lady of Good Health,



Opening Prayer

Oh! Our Lady of Health, 

who is showering abundant favours on all who honour You, 

obtain for us the grace to make this novena in a spirit of giving glory to Jesus Christ, Your Son.

Oh! Our Lady of Health, Our protection, 

we are coming to You to express our deep gratitude and petition in person.

You who know our hearts, 

graciously grant us the grace to grow in the love of God and neighbour and thus give You glory. 

Let us honour You as our Mother and may we accept Christ as our Saviour. 

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.



The First Day


Oh Immaculate Virgin! God’s sublime creation! the Almighty has done great things in You. As He gathered all waters in the sea at the time of creation, He has enriched You with His richness of grace and beauty. O renowned fame of the human race! Supreme Beauty of the earth! Holy Temple of God! Garden of the Blessed Trinity, we praise You.

We pray You, dear Mother of Health, to intercede for the Church, for the Holy Father and all men of good will. Protect all Your children and obtain for them health of soul and body.

Holy Mother, save the Youth from the danger of falling into the darkness of sin and guide them along the path of purity. Preserve the virgins in their chastity; Protect the bond of love in every family.

Indeed You are the model to the parents; protector of the widows, shelter of the broken hearted, treasure for the needy and health of the sick. We beg You to obtain for us the grace and love of God so that we may remain faithful children of God.   


Selected Prayer to Our Lady

Day 1  The Divine Liturgy of St. James


Hail in the highest, our all-holy, pure, most blessed, glorious Lady, the Mother of God and Ever Virgin Mary. Truly it is becoming to bless Thee, the God-bearing, the ever-blessed, and all-blameless, and Mother of our God, more honourable than the cherubim, and incomparably more glorious than the seraphim. Thee, who didst bear with purity God the Word, Thee, the true Mother of God, we magnify.

In Thee, highly favoured, all creation rejoices, the host of angels, and the race of men; hallowed temple, and spiritual paradise, pride of virgins, of whom God was made flesh and our God, who was before eternity, became a little child. For He made Thy womb His throne.   In Thee, O highly favoured one, all creation rejoices. Glory unto Thee.


Novena to Our Lady of Health Vailankanni

Oh most Holy Virgin! You were chosen by the Most Adorable Trinity from all eternity to be the most pure Mother of Jesus. Permit me Your humble and devoted child, to remind You of the joy You received at the instance of the most sacred incarnation of our Divine Lord, and during the nine months You carried Him in Your chaste womb. I wish most sincerely that I could renew, or even increase that joy by the fervour of my prayers. Oh tender Mother of the afflicted! Grant me under my present necessities that special protection You have promised to those who devoutly commemorate this ineffable joy. Relying on the infinite mercies of Your Divine Son, trusting that those who ask should receive and penetrated with confidence in Your powerful prayers, I most humbly entreat You to intercede for me. I beg You to obtain for me the favours which I petition for in this novena, if it be the Holy will of God to grant them; and if not, to ask for me whatever graces I most stand in need of.


(Here specify Your requests)


I desire by this novena which I now offer in Your honour, to prove the lively confidence I have in Your intercession. Accept, it I beseech You, in honour of that supernatural love and joy, with which Your Immaculate Heart replenished during the abode of Your Divine Son in Your womb, in veneration of which, I offer You the sentiments of my heart.


(Repeat the Hail Mary nine times)


O Mother of God, accept these salutations in union with the respect and veneration with which the angel Gabriel first hailed You “full of grace” I wish most sincerely that they may become so many gems in the crown of Your glory, which will increase in brightness to the end of the world.

I beseech You, O comfortress of the afflicted, by the joy You received when the Word was made Flesh, to obtain for me the favours and graces which I have now implored through Your powerful intercession. For this end I offer You all the good works which have ever been performed in Your honour. I most humbly entreat You, for the love of the amiable heart of Jesus, with which Yours was ever so inflamed, to hear my humble prayers and obtain my requests. Amen.


Concluding Prayer

O Mary! Our Lady of Health, and Our Heavenly Queen, seated on Your throne of mercy

and compassion in Your Holy Shrine at Vailankanni, we praise and honour You to be our

refuge and our relief. Numberless are the sick, who, through You, have recovered health.

Relying on Your power and goodness we fly to You and implore Your intercession for

the healing of all our infirmities and to obtain for us perfect health of body and soul, that we

may better be able to serve You and Your Divine Son. At all times, You have been the help

and consolation of the infirm. You obtain for them health when it is conducive to their

salvation. You assist them at the time of their death. Help us then, O most amiable Mother

and obtain for us cure of all our sufferings, or patience to endure them in the spirit of

resignation agreeable to God’s Holy Will, so that all our trials and sufferings may help purify

our souls and help us to detach ourselves from all earthly ties. Amen

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