The Holy Relic of Our Lady of Tears 


Siracusa Italy

Comes to Melbourne   

In 1953 a blessed plaque, identical to  the one pictured above,was given as a wedding present to a young married couple in Siracuse, Antonina and Angelo Jannuso.  The plaque is one of Mary holding Her Immaculate Heart. They were astonished one day to see the statue of Our Mother weeping profusely. Thousands came to witness the miracle.  The Church commissioned no less than four scientists to examine the phenomenon.  When they arrived they saw the tears cascading down the image’s face, filling the cup the image of Our Lady had gently formed with Her hand, with which She held out Her Heart to Her children.  They had the tears scientifically examined and it was confirmed that the tears were of a human nature in their chemical properties.  This fact and other information from a thorough investigation led the Church to declare the miraculous nature of those tears and the weeping Madonna.  Since those early days the tears have been associated with so many miracles and favours.


February 14, 2016

The Combined Societies of Mary are indeed blessed to have those tears coming to Melbourne in a sacred Relique, and they will be available for verneration on that day only. (Sunday 16th September)

Jesus refuses nothing at the sight of the tears of His most holy Mother, Mary. 


On the occasion of the dedication of the Our Lady of Tears Shrine on 6 November 1994, Pope John Paul II stated: “They are tears of sorrow for all those who refuse to love God.... They are tears of prayer: the Mother’s prayer that gives strength to every other prayer.... They are tears of hope which melt the hardness of hearts”.


Prayer of Blessed John Paul II to the Madonna of Tears

O Lady of Tears,

look with motherly goodness on the sorrow of the world!

Dry the tears of the suffering, of the forgotten, of the desperate,

and of the victims of every violence.

Make everyone weep tears of repentance and of new life,

which will open their hearts

to the regenerating gift of God’s love.

Make them weep tears of joy for having seen

the profound tenderness of your heart.....Amen


There will be beautiful momentos with blessed cotton touched to the original weeping plaque from the Shrine of Siracuse, Italy, strictly only for those who attend.

Please do tell your family and friends  of this great grace, they will surely be most grateful that  you did.

Getting There

St Colmans is situated at 293 Carlisle Street Balaclava.

By Car:

is just 5 minutes drive off Dandonong Road, and Nepean Highway.

By Train:

St Colman’s is very close to Balaclava station which is on the Sandringham line.  (It is about 300 metres  or 5 minutes walk from the station)

By Tram:

There is a tram right on the door (Trams 3,3A, 16: stop 39), and ample parking at the rear of the Church, that

Coming Events

September 2018 


Our Lady of Tears 

Siracusa, Italy

Sunday 16th 

September 2018


St Colman's Church

293 Carlisle St




October  2018 


First Friday The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Masses and Devotions

Friday  5th October


2 Times and 2 Venues!

1:05 PM

Parish Holy Mass followed by Adoration and Prayers to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus 

St Augustines Church

632 Bourke Street


Novena to the Most

Sacred Heart of Jesus

7.00 PM

Adoration and Prayers in honour of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus followed by Holy Mass. 

St Joseph's Church

71 Orrong Road



First Saturday

Mass and Devotions

Saturday 6th October

9:45 AM 

Adoration, Prayers as requested by Our Lady of Fatima,  Holy Mass.

Confessions Available

De La Salle Chapel

1312 High Street, Malvern

Feast of Our Lady of The Rosary

Sunday 9th October 2018

St Colman's Church

293 Carlisle Street 


1.40 pm Holy Rosary

2.00pm Exposition

Adoration, Prayers,


Holy Mass




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