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Divine Mercy
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Christ the King
The Eucharist
Our Lady
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Joseph Giansiracusa

January 23, 1946 — September 6, 2022

Co-Founder and Vice President of the Combined Societies of Mary

Had a peaceful and grace filled passing from this life during the Novena leading up to the Feast of Our Lady's Birthday/ Feast of Our Lady of Vailankanni

Much loved, he will be greatly  missed and fondly remembered.

Article from the Melbourne Archdiocese Website

A short clip from the 2022 Eucharistic Procession for Christ the King

A Two minute video clip of the recent Eucharistic Procession for the Feast of Christ the King

Saturday 24th November, 2018

St Patrick's Cathedral,

Melbourne, Australia

main celebrant:

Most Rev. Bishop Mark Edwards

A Grace Filled Afternoon of Prayer 

Let us Walk With Mary 

Who always leads us to Her Son

Sunday 17th March 2024

Only God Can Save Us

The Name Jesus means God saves, or God is our salvation and how true that is.  How true to that the world needs the saving power of God more than at any time in history.   We know the threats that are so close to us today, with various nations aggression and even greater threats of aggression.  Then there is the threat to humanity due to the moral degradation of society.  We could go on, but there is little point in focusing on the turmoil that surrounds us.  

Now is not the time to be disheartened but the time to turn with ever greater  confidence in God, knowing that the worse things may be in the world, the closer comes the time of His victory.  If we want to see the victory then we really do need to turn to the Mother of God, who will encourage

Walk With Mary Poster 2024.jpg

us, Her people, God’s people. As  she said in Fatima:  “In the end, My Immaculate Heart Will Triumph!”  

How will this triumph take place?  When people  really start to live in union with God, truly taking Mary into their hearts and allowing Her to lead us, guide us, and direct us to live fully as Her Children, as Children of God.  From this union of love comes the spontaneous desire to do what She asks of us.   We know what She asks in so many apparitions:  pray the Rosary, go to the Eucharist, benefit fully from the sacraments, be converted, live as true Children of God, and make processions in Her honour.

Volumes and volumes of books have been written that recount the incredible miracles that have been done when people have turned to Mary in a PUBLIC display of honour.  It is as if the Heart of God is so touched by expressions of love and confidence in Our Lady.   

We don’t have time to recount all the amazing victories won through PUBLIC honour of Our Lady here are just a few:  from the first siege of Constantinople 678, to Lepanto, the siege of Austria, the Prussian war of 1870 in France  (see Pontmain), in 1914 in the “Miracle of the Marne” in the routing of Russian forces from Poland in 1920, the liberation of Austria from Communism in the 1950’s.  These are just a snapshot of some of the more incredible historic events.  So do not have any doubt:  To take part in a beautiful Mass then to Walk in procession in honour of Our Lady is very important and most powerful.   You will be delighting our all powerful God and drawing down his benediction upon us.  

Throughout  history some of the most incredible interventions came after processions in Her honour. How desperately we need Her intervention and Her protection today. None of us know how long we have on this earth.  For some of us this may be the last opportunity to thank Our Lady and to implore God’s Mercy in this beautiful way.    Let us gather on Sunday 17th March in a show of great love, devotion and confidence in Our Blessed Mother, again asking Her powerful intercession.   There will be  prayers, Mass, street procession and finally a solemn entrustement of all present to Our Lady.   Let us all gather together and pray that Our Lady will once again bring Her children and the Church to a marvelous  renewal and victory.


How to Get There


By Car

St Patrick's Cathedral is situation on the edge of the Melbourne CBD, and is very close to Parliament Station.  

There is street parking and parking stations in the vicinity.

By Train

If you wish to come by train the nearest station is Parliament Station which is on the city loup  of the Melbourne metro rail network.

By Tram

If you wish to come by tram there are three trams that will bring you to within a couple of hundred meters of the Cathedral:  Trams 31, 109 and 112

The nearest stop to the entrance of the Cathedral is stop 10

If you discover that it is difficult for you please do not give up but make that part of your sacrifice to Christ Our King.  He is a very generous King and will reward you tenfold. 

Please do try and make the whole evening into a prayer and that includes your journey too and from, making the whole of the evening into a beautiful pilgrimage. 

Coming Events




Friday 1st March

First Friday 

Masses and Devotions

Novena to the Most

Sacred Heart of Jesus

7.00 pm

Adoration, Confessions,  Holy Mass.

St Joseph's Church

71 Orrong Road Elsternwick

Saturday 2nd March

First Saturday

Mass and Devotions

10:30 AM 

Adoration, Prayers as requested by Our Lady of Fatima,  Holy Mass.


St Colman's Church

293 Carlisle St


Walk With Mary

Sunday 17th March

2:00 PM

St Patrick's Cathedral

East Melbourne

Prayers, Holy Mass,

Street Procession

Bishop Columba Macbeth Green


Saturday 3rd February

First Saturday

Mass and Devotions

10.30 AM 

Adoration, Prayers as requested by Our Lady of Fatima,  Holy Mass.

Confessions Available

St Colman's Church

293 Carlisle St , Balaclava




Friday 5th January

First Friday 

Masses and Devotions

Novena to the Most

Sacred Heart of Jesus

7.00 PM

Adoration and Prayers in honour of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus followed by Holy Mass. 

St Joseph's Church

71 Orrong Road



Saturday 6th January

First Saturday

Mass and Devotions

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