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Congratulation also to the High Court of Australia For getting it Right

One of the greatest travesties of justice has finally been rectified.  At stake  here was not just the sentencing of this innocent man but the whole basis of our legal system. 

Our legal system depends on 1. The presumption of Innocence, and 2. Evidence based verdicts.

Clearly in the case of Cardinal Pell both of these were trashed.

We had in this case the word of one man against the word of another.  The word of Cardinal Pell's accuser was not supported by a single witness.  On the other hand the word of Cardinal Pell was supported by scores of witnesses who all said that it was impossible for the event to have occurred.

An innocent man has now been freed.  Let everyone offer their prayers of thanksgiving to Almighty God.   

Picture from Catholic News Agency Website

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