Celebration in Honour of God the Father

Sunday 7th   August

St Joseph's Church Elsterwick 2 pm  

February 14, 2016

A Particularly Special Occasion

This is indeed our special opportunity to honour God our Father.  It has been the experience of those who have attended in recent years  celebrations in honour of God the Father, that these are particularly blessed occasion.  One really obtains a great sense of peace, and feels the presence and blessings of our heavenly Father.

    This is not suprising since it was God the Father himself who made a special and particular requests to a most holy and blessed religious sister, Mother Eugenia.  He said to her,

“To be known, loved and honoured with a special devotion, I do not ask for anything extraordinary. I desire only this:

I desire that one day, or at least a Sunday, be dedicated to honouring Me in a special way under the title of Father of all Mankind.” 

     Sister Eugenia was a marvellous sister who discovered the cure of leprosy and established over seventy religious houses. 

Coming Events

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Friday August 5th


St Augustines Church

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Novena to the Most

Sacred Heart of Jesus

7.30PM St Joseph's Church

71 Orrong Road



Saturday  August 6th


De La Salle Chapel

1312 High Street, Malvern

Sunday August 7th

Celebration in Honour of 

God the Father

2 PM St Joseph's Church

71 Orrong Road



     Sister Eugian was cured by Our Lady who appeared to her at a young age.  Her mother died when she was very young and then she was given all the responsibilities of looking after the household.  For this reason she only receive a little over one year of education.    Yet, at the young age of 25 she was elected as head of her Congregation, and as head of her Congregation she opened up over 60 religious houses, and discovered the cure for leprosy. 

    Her Bishop Alexandre Caillot established a commission which put her under the most severe trials.  At the end of ten years Her Bishop,  concluded:  “I declare that Supernatural and Divine Intervention seems to me the only logical and satisfactory explanation of the Facts.” “After ten years of research, reflection and prayer, I bless the Father for having deigned to choose my diocese as the place for such touching manifestation of His love.”    

     God the Father said,

“My dearest wish is that you behave as My children, simply and trusting in Me! ....My children! I know how to make Myself small, far smaller than you can imagine. However, what I do require is the faithful observance of the commandments I gave the Church, so that you will be rational creatures and will not be like animals because of your lack of discipline and your evil inclinations, so that you will preserve the treasure which is the soul I gave you, clothed in the fullness of its divine beauty!”  The day He requested was either the First Sunday of August or the 7th August.  This year is especially unique in that it happens to be  both the First Sunday and the 7th August. 

Beautiful Books with the messages of God the Father and images will be distributed for Free for all who attend.

Please come on Sunday, 7th August and expect to receive great blessings.

Getting There

St Joseph’s Church is at 71 Orrong  Road Elsternwick 

Public Transport

St Joseph’s Church  Elsternwick is conveniently located for public transport.  A short stroll from stop 46 on the Tram 60 Route, or catch the 220 Bus that runs from Sunshine - City - Gardenvale, and go to stop 80, which is right in front of St Joseph’s.



You may catch a train to either Elsterwick station or to Glenhuntly station and then the tram route 60 will take you to the corner of Orrong Road.(Tram 60)  From there it is a walk of not more than about 300 metres


St Joseph’s Church is close to both Nepean Highway and Dandenong Road. It is just a few minutes drive from either of these major highways.



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