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Friday 3rd December:  First Fridays St Augustine's City:

1:05 pm: Parish Mass followed by Adoration and prayers

7:00 pm: St Joseph's Orrong Road Elsternwick 

Adoration, Confessions, Holy Mass


First Saturday 4th December St Colman's Church 10:30am 

Adoration, Confessions, Holy Mass


Feast of the Immaculate Conception:

Sunday 5th December 

Adoration, Confessions, Holy Mass


Limit of 50 people

Please phone Joy on 95092207 for details and to secure your place in the congregation.


A 4 minute plus video of the procession during the 

recent "Walk With Mary"

that took place on 7th April.

The "walk" had been preceded by Holy Mass at St Patrick's Cathedral with Archbishop Peter A. Comensoli and was and was followed by Evensong at St Paul's Cathedral with Bishop Lindsay Urwin.

A Two minute video clip of the recent Eucharistic Procession for the Feast of Christ the King

Saturday 24th November, 2018

St Patrick's Cathedral,

Melbourne, Australia

main celebrant:

Most Rev. Bishop Mark Edwards

Let us be united in spirit and pray the novena prayers each day.

Novena commences Monday 30th August and runs through to 7th September.

Novena Prayers


Please Click on the respective day to see the prayers for each day of the Novena!

Day 1

Monday 30th August

Day 2

Tuesday 31st August

Day 3 

Wednesday 1st September

Day 4

Thursday 2nd September

Day 5

Friday 3rd September

Day 6 

Saturday 4th September

Day 7 Saturday 5th September  

Day 8

Sunday 6th September

Day 9

Monday 7th September

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Special Prayers Against the Pandemic

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First Friday Holy Hour

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First Saturday Holy Hour

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Wonderful Books of the Saints Available Online For Free!

This external website Saints Books,  has scores of books written by the major Saints throughout history.  Here you will find the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola for example, and a dozen books written by St Alphonsus Ligouri, to name just a few.  You will find books written by St Julien Eymard and St Boneventure as well.  It is overwhelming the scope of books available for download.  Perhaps there is a work you have felt inspired to read for sometime. This time of lockdown is a perfect time to catch up on some Catholic treasures and to be spiritual enriched and renewed. 

They are all available for free but it would be good to make an offering if you are able so as to help them in this work.  

February 14, 2016

Let us See This Time as a Time of Grace

Our Lord told Saint Faustina that the soul gives Him the greatest glory when in the midst of their difficulties and sufferings they continue to trust in My Mercy.   

There is no doubt that we are currently in a time of great turmoil.  Our personal situations may indeed be difficult.  Please take on board the following:  The greater the difficulties, the greater you can bring Jesus glory by trusting in His Mercy.

Jesus said to St Faustina on one occasion:

My daughter, consider these words: “And being in agony, he prayed more earnestly.” When I started to think about them more deeply, much light streamed into my soul. I learned how much we need perseverance in prayer and that our salvation often depends on such difficult prayer.  

Many of us have come to know and love the Divine Mercy devotion and Our Lord's chosen instrument St Faustina.  Perhaps it is good for us to reflect that she herself was a product of difficult times.  Born in 1903, she was so poor that she could not always attend Sunday Mass.  Her other sibblings had to alternate Sundays because they could not all be dressed in a manner suitable for Holy Mass.  They did not have shoes, for instance, for all the family.  She herself, and her family lived through the terrible time of the First World War, the Spanish flu and the Great Depression.  

As many great saints experienced, when difficulties abound, God's grace also abounds.

As we approach the wonderful celebration of Easter and the exception time of God's Mercy that is so closely linked to Easter,  we may at this time also learn by Saint Faustina's example.

More and more she offered Herself for poor sinners.  She offered Herself to God as a living host imploring God's Mercy upon the world.   

It is very important during this time to establish a strong habit of prayer.  Many of us are feeling claustrophobic at this time.  Perhaps we could all learn from the spirituality of the cloistered sisters and monks.  They surrendered themselves completely to a life of isolation and surrendered their freedom willingly to the Lord, knowing that for most of them they would never again step outside of the convent for the rest of their lives. 

Yet, when we have visited these cloisters we have come across the most joy filled people we have ever met in our lives:  radiant with the love of God. 

Perhaps some of us will look back at this time as being the most grace filled time of our lives.  But this will not just happen.  It will need us to have some prayer structure to our days, to enable God's grace to lift us out of our misery and fill us with his wonderful light. 

A problem with being shut in is that with the whole day to ourselves it is easy just to drift from one distraction to the next.  That is why it is important to place some structure to the day, and to set aside two or three times in which prayer is the order of the day.  Typically this could be in the morning upon rising or after breakfast,  3.00pm in the afternoon for the Divine Mercy, and then perhaps rosaries in the evening.

Of course in between times it is good to read pius books, the lives of the saints, or perhaps to watch a Mass on the television or on the internet.    

There are some wonderful resources on the internet and we thought it may be useful to you to provide some links and also some prayers as well that will hopefully assist you in this time of grace.   

But we would like to leave you with this thought of St Faustina: 

"...if a soul loves God sincerely and is intimately united with Him, then, even though such a soul may be living in the midst of difficult external circumstances, nothing can disturb its interior life; and in the midst of corruption, it can remain pure and unsullied; because the great love of God gives it strength for battle, and God also protects in a special way, even in a miraculous way, a soul that loves Him sincerely."

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