Divine Mercy Novena and Feast   

Holy Cross Church

707 Glenhuntly Road Caulfield  

February 14, 2016

A Beautiful Gift for Our Time


The Divine Mercy Devotion is the fastest growing devotion in the world today because it is the special gift of Jesus Christ to help us in our troubled times.  


We are very pleased to  have with us this year a priest who has come most highly recommended:  Father Pawel Bernacki, and we are anticipating that this year's Novena and Feast will be particularly grace filled. 


In a practical sense, the devotion does seem to be especially favoured by God and God shows this by all the extraordinary favours that are granted through it. 


There have been outstanding miracles in the past associated with the Novena and Feast.  One year a woman gained a cure for her uncle dying in France.

Another year a man who was totally blind regained his sight.  But every year there are just so many special graces and favours.​

This is God's way of telling us that He is pleased especially pleased with the veneration of His Mercy and with those who practice this devotion with sincerity, faith and humility.  


We are living in special times.  Very special times indeed.  Jesus told St Faustina that the time is short before He comes again.  Now is the time of God Mercy..................  


Saint Faustina, under obedience to Our Lord, her confessor, Blessed Father Sopocko and her superiors recorded an  incredible message for the whole world  in her diary. When catholic theologians studied the diary for some ten years  they concluded that it is one of the greatest mystical writings that the Church possesses. Our Lord Jesus indicated that this message was of enormous importance, and was indeed given in order to prepare the world for His final coming. When questioned about this Jesus told Faustina that the time was short even by human standards before He returns in His glory.


 Saint Faustina was canonised in the year 2000 by Pope John Paul II as the first Saint of the new millennium.  One of the things most desired by Jesus was the institution of a new feast for the universal Church: the Feast of Mercy, which is to be celebrated on the First Sunday after Easter. Jesus told Faustina that on that day, (that is the Feast of Mercy), “the floodgates of my mercy are opened, and I pour out a whole ocean of graces upon those souls who approach the font of My mercy.”


 Jesus requested that on the Feast of Mercy that His image be venerated on that day and that the priest should preach about His Mercy. This will certainly be done by the Combined Societies of Mary at the Feast of Mercy with Fr Paul  


A special feature of this year’s Feast will be the presence of the first class relics of two  of the great instruments of God’s mercy:  Saint Faustina  and Saint John Paul II.  These will be made available for your personal veneration and prayer on Divine Mercy Sunday.


In preparation for the Feast of Mercy Jesus gave Saint Faustina a very special novena commencing on Good Friday running for nine consecutive days. He gave her specific instructions on how to conduct the novena and even the intentions for those nine days. It is a very powerful Novena. Jesus declared “by this novena I will grant every possible grace to souls”. (Diary 796) Saint Faustina writes, “Jesus is commanding me to make a novena before the Feast of Mercy, and today I am to begin it for the conversion of the whole world and for the recognition of The Divine Mercy” (Diary 1059,)

    Jesus, regarding the Novena explained:

On each day you will bring to My Heart a different group of souls, and you will immerse them in this ocean of My mercy, and I will bring all these souls into the house of My Father. ” (Diary 1209)    


We are blessed to be having such an expert from Poland, Fr Paul  to lead us in the devotions and to explore some of the depths of God’s infinite Mercy. What a wonderful way to prepare for the great Feast of Mercy and to learn more about this powerful devotion at a time when the world seems to be at the crossroads and so much in need of God’s mercy.


Please do join us and be part of these blessed days of prayer.   It is  so important that we take advantage of the  wonderful opportunities that God gives us


Coming Events


Divine Mercy Novena

Good Friday 30th March

to Saturday 7th April

7pm Each Evening

Prayers, Adoration and Holy Mass (no adoration or Mass Good Friday)

Divine Mercy Prayers,

Novena Prayers

Fr Paul Bernacki

from Poland

Holy Cross Church

707 Glenhuntly Road 


Divine Mercy Feast

8th April


8 Priests Hearing Confessions

Adoration, Hour of Mercy

Holy Mass

Veneration of the First Class Relics of St Faustina and St John Paul II

Fr Paul Bernacki

from Poland



First Friday 6th April 

Masses and Devotions

First Friday 

2 Times and 2 Venues!

1:05 PM

Parish Holy Mass followed by Adoration and Prayers to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus 

St Augustines Church

632 Bourke Street


Novena to the Most

Sacred Heart of Jesus

7.00 PM

Adoration and Prayers in honour of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus followed by Holy Mass. 

St Joseph's Church

71 Orrong Road



Saturday 7th  April

10.00 AM 

Adoration, Prayers as requested by Our Lady of Fatima,  Holy Mass.

Confessions Available

De La Salle Chapel

1312 High Street, Malvern

Getting There

Holy Cross Church is located at 707 Glenhuntly Road Caulfield South

By Tram:

Tram number 67 stop 50, Tram number 64 Stop 57  

By Train:

Holy Cross Church is equidistant from Elsternwick Station (Sandringham Line) and Glenhuntly Station (Frankston Line).

Tram number 67 will take you from either station to the Church.

Elsternwick station - the tram 67 will be going towards Carnegie.  Glenhuntly station - the tram will be going towards Melbourne University. 

By Car:

Holy Cross Church is at 707 Glenhuntly Road very close to Hawthorn Road.  There is a carpark at the rear which you enter via Murray Street, which runs off Hawthorn Road. 

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