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Divine Mercy
Sacred Heart
Christ the King
The Eucharist
Our Lady

The Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Sunday 16th July  

St Colman's Church Balaclava 2pm

A beautiful afternoon of prayer and blessings 

Adoration Prayers, enrolment in Scapular, Holy Mass

with Bishop Peter Elliott as the main celebrant.  

The Scapular is a special gift from heaven.  Kings and popes and innumerable Saints have  taken up the gift  and so many of them have proclaimed  the power of the Scapular.  In fact no other religious symbol has ever been so strongly endorsed by holy Pontiffs than this  simple symbol that both proclaims and attains the protection of the Mother of God, particularly for those who wear it with due reverence.   

    The Scapular is indeed best seen as a special gift from God.  Yes, certainly it comes to us through the hands of Our Lady, but in this Our Lady fulfills the will of God the Most High.  Definitely it is very much part of His plan for the world and especially for our difficult times.  

    Significantly at Lourdes Our Lady’s  final appearance to St Bernadette was on the Feast of Mount Carmel.    At Fatima on that  final apparition of 13th October, 1917, she was present as  Our Lady of Mount Carmel.  We know that a final testament is so important,  and Our Lady’s invitation to wear the scapular was Our Lady’s final testament at Fatima.      

February 14, 2016

Coming Events



Friday 6th July

First Friday 

Masses and Devotions

First Friday 

2 Times and 2 Venues!

1:05 PM

Parish Holy Mass followed by Adoration and Prayers to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus 

St Augustines Church

632 Bourke Street


Novena to the Most

Sacred Heart of Jesus

7.00 PM

Adoration and Prayers in honour of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus followed by Holy Mass. 

St Joseph's Church

71 Orrong Road



Saturday 7th July

10.00 AM 

Adoration, Prayers as requested by Our Lady of Fatima,  Holy Mass.

Confessions Available

De La Salle Chapel

1312 High Street, Malvern

Sunday 15th July 

  Our heavenly Mother  gave a wonderful promise regarding the scapular to the Carmelite Order.   This blessing has been extended to all the faithful who by being enrolled in the scapular become part of the Carmelite Order (3rd Order).   What a great thing this is. Imagine that:  We become part of that wonderful order that has seen the likes of St Therese of the Child Jesus, St John of the Cross and St Therese of Avila, to name just a few of the great Carmelite Saints.     Even more important than this special communion of the saints is the fact that we gain a particularly powerful protection from Our Lady and innumerable blessings. By the Scapular the wearer is now set apart  and protected as Our Lady’s child.   

    Our Lady promises to bless and protect those who wear the Scapular with devotion and She delivers without fail.  In our age, more than ever before we all need the protection of the Mother of God. 

    But what about the Feast?  We have so often felt enormous graces have been associated with this Feast.  Bring all your petitions and lay them at her feet,  come and receive great blessings and help from your heavenly Mother on Sunday 16th July.     Free Scapulars will be given away to all present. There will be enrolment in the Scapular of Mount Carmel by two   Carmelite priest who will also celebrate Holy Mass.

We are also very pleased to inform that a wonderful and very beautiful life sized CARVED statue of Our Lady of Carmel, originally from a Carmelite Monastery in England will be with us on this beautiful day.  

What a blessing too to have with us on this special day the very special relics of three of the greatest and most well known saints of all time:  St Therese of the Child Jesus, St Therese of Avila and St John of the Cross.  All three are Carmelite Saints.  All three are doctors of the Church.   These precious relics will be available for veneration  on this one day only

Please invite your family and friends,  and your parish to join us on this grace filled occasion. 

Friday  3rd August

First Friday 

Masses and Devotions

Getting There

St Colman's Church is at 

293 Carlisle Street Balaclava

By Tram:

Tram route 3 and 16 will take you to

St Colman's Church, and stop 39

is right in front of the Church.

By Train:

Balaclava Station,

which is on the Sandringham line

is just a few minutes walk

from the Church.

By Car:

St Colman's Church is

conveniently located

and is just a few minutes from both

Dandenong Road and

Nepean Highway.

There is a large carpark at the rear

of the Church.

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