Celebration in Honour of the Assumption of Our Lady

Sunday 12th   August

St Colman's Church Balaclava  2 pm  

February 14, 2016

    God in His goodness preserved Our Lady from all stain of original sin and from all personal sin throughout Her entire life.   She was the vessel that bore for us the one whom all of heaven could not contain. He who is infinite allows Himself to be contained in the womb of the Virgin Mary.  

Her sacred body carried our God for 9 months!   Mary was the first tabernacle of God!  How much He loves us!  And how much He loves the Blessed Virgin Mary.    The Assumption of Our Lady comes to us through tradition handed down to us by the Apostles.  It does not come as a result of theological discussion, although the discussion verifies the same and explains that Her Assumption is a consequence of Her being conceived immaculate, and from being preserved free from all stain of original sin and personal sin.  Why did God do this:  because He wanted a spotless vessel in which to dwell?  Yes, that is part of the answer, but there is more.  Mankind fell because of the first woman Eve, and so God decided that His triumph would come through a woman Mary,  

and this could only come about if Mary was the antithesis of evil.   Free from sin is only part of the equation, and is a very lacking description of Our Lady.  She is in fact full of ever virtue, every grace imaginable.   Whilst Eve was disobedient, Mary was perfect in Her humble readiness to obey God perfectly.    Where Eve was lacking in love Mary is absolutely full of the love of God and love of man.

    Ah, that therein lies the key.  She is full of love.  It is that love, the love of God, let us say God’s love that in an instant transforms the material body of Mary into a supernatural body and assumes it into Heaven, to the exultation of all the Angels and all the Saints.   

    It is good for us to celebrate in a special way this wonderful Feast.  God is so pleased when we honour Mary, for we are celebrating all that He has done to save us through Mary who continues to bring Christ to the hearts of the faithful, who never ceases loving and interceding for all the members of Christ’s Body the Church.   

    Whilst the primary focus of the day will be the wonderful glories of Our Lady in the context of  Eucharistic Adoration and prayer, we are delighted to have the additional blessing of two of the greatest Franciscan Saints of all time:  The founder of the Franciscan Order, St Francis of Assisi, and the great miracle worker St Anthony of Padua.

    St Francis of Assisi in his extraordinary short life founded the Franciscans and through his inspiration the Poor Clares also came into existence. Jesus told St Margaret Mary that St Francis was the Saint who most fully imitated me in his life.  Perhaps this is why St Margaret Mary took St Francis as her patron and spiritual guide. St Francis was canonised just 2 years after his death.  St Francis is renowned for his spiritual miracles, as is testified by the many thousands who each year seek to emulate his life by becoming members of the various Franciscan orders and congregations of both men and women.

    St Anthony of Padua is not only the finder of lost objects. He is renowned as the wonderworker.  In Italy they simply refer to him as “The Saint”, and he is one of the most popular and renowned saints in history.  Come on this special day and allow them  to intercede for you and obtain miracles in your life.

Getting There


St Colman's Church is at 

293 Carlisle Street Balaclava

By Tram:

Tram route 3 and 16 will take you to

St Colman's Church, and stop 39 is right in front of the Church.

By Train:

Balaclava Station,

which is on the Sandringham line

is just a few minutes walk

from the Church.

By Car:

St Colman's Church is conveniently located and is just a few minutes from both Dandenong Road and

Nepean Highway.

There is a large carpark at the rear

of the Church.

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August 2018


The Assumption of Our Lady

Sunday August 12th

2 PM St Colman's Church

293 Carlisle Street 



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Novena to Our Lady of Good Health Vailankanni



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