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Divine Mercy
Sacred Heart
Christ the King
The Eucharist
Our Lady


A 4 minute plus video of the procession during the 

recent "Walk With Mary"

that took place on 7th April.

The "walk" had been preceded by Holy Mass at St Patrick's Cathedral with Archbishop Peter A. Comensoli and was and was followed by Evensong at St Paul's Cathedral with Bishop Lindsay Urwin.

Joseph Giansiracusa.jpeg


Joseph Giansiracusa

January 23, 1946 — September 6, 2022

Co-Founder and Vice President of the Combined Societies of Mary

Had a peaceful and grace filled passing from this life during the Novena leading up to the Feast of Our Lady's Birthday/ Feast of Our Lady of Vailankanni

Much loved, he will be greatly  missed and fondly remembered.

Coming Events

Friday 3rd February

First Friday 

Masses and Devotions

Novena to the Most

Sacred Heart of Jesus

7.00 PM

Exposition, Prayers in honour of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, 

Holy Mass

St Joseph's Church



Please do join us for our first  celebration of the year

A very beautiful Afternoon in honour of :

Our Lady of Lourdes
 Adoration, Prayers, Procession Holy Mass and 
The First Class Relic of St Bernadette Soubirous
St Mary of the Immaculate Conception Church East Malvern
Sunday 12th February

New Venue

Saturday 4th February

First Saturday

Mass and Devotions

10:30 AM 

Adoration, Prayers as requested by Our Lady of Fatima,  Holy Mass.


St Colman's Church

293 Carlisle St


A Two minute video clip of the recent Eucharistic Procession for the Feast of Christ the King

Saturday 24th November, 2018

St Patrick's Cathedral,

Melbourne, Australia

main celebrant:

Most Rev. Bishop Mark Edwards

A Beautiful Afternoon
for Christ Our King 

Lourdes is one of the most famous and loved shrine in  the whole world. It is a place like no other. At Lourdes people experience the gentle love and healing hand of God in a place resplendent in natural beauty.
So many millions have come to Our Lady of Lourdes burdened with their sufferings of various kinds: physical, emotional, spiritual, and millions have been consoled and healed by the love and power of the prayers of Our Lady of Lourdes both at Lourdes itself and wherever She has been revered and her intercession sought.Right from the beginning cures were reported by people who had access to water from Lourdes. A sick boy of 16 named Henri Busquet was refused permission to visit Lourdes by his parents,

Our Lady of Lourdes poster2023.jpg

Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes

Sunday 12th February

1.30 pm 

Adoration, Prayers,

Benediction, Holy Mass

St Mary of the Immaculate Conception Church

91 Manning Road

East Malvern 


Melbourne awoke to a wet and soden Feast of Christ the King and the weather forecast for the day was terrible. They predicted that at the time of the procession there was going to be hail, heavy rain and the risk of flooding, but Christ Our King clearly wanted the procession and how He blessed  those many  brave and loyal souls who came for love of him.  It was very well attended.   There were prayers, a solemn Mass with Bishop Bosco Puthur  and a beautiful Eucharistic Procession in the streets.  Priests from the Archdiocese concelebrated.  It was lovely to see diverse national groups.  Amongst them two groups were particularly visible: The Tongan community  brought up the gifts at the offertory, and many of their children were flower strewers, and the Chinese Community provided the altar servers.   It was wonderful to see so many families with lots of children participating.  We praise and thank God for all the blessings that were poured forth that day.  Some who have been coming to Combined Societies of Mary's events for some 15 plus years thought that this was the most blessed event they had ever attended!!!  People were so enthused and delighted to have been to such a special grace filled day. You may see some of the procession below.  The baldacchino wasn't used  because it was a little too windy.  

At the end there was Benediction followed by a consecration to Christ the King.  People went home very happy with a calendar for next year and we encouraged them to come often to these very special grace filled days of prayer.  

but a neighbor provided him with some Lourdes water and the agonising throat ulcer caused by tuberculosis disappeared completely. This was only ten weeks after the first apparition. When the son of Napolean III was gravely ill, he was restored to complete health through water obtained from Lourdes. This miracle led to the emperor to allow the grotto to be reopened to the public. Lourdes led to a great renewal of religious practice in France. Some historians state that Lourdes was the most important event that occurred in France during the whole of the 1800s.

There are many healings that have been verified through vigorous scientific research. However, they certainly are the tip of the iceberg. Most people who are cured do not go through the lengthy process of having their cure medically and scientifically verified by those responsible at Lourdes.

Our Lady is there to heal and bless where ever people gather in Her honour. Just a few years ago one of our own members, Juliana, who had been confined to a wheel chair was completely healed, through Our Lady of Lourdes.

Please do encourage others to come and receive the blessings. Just like at Lourdes there will be blessing with the Blessed Sacrament before the Benediction. There will be individual blessing with the water from Lourdes after the Mass. Our Lady will be honoured with a procession. There will be a special healing Mass. So many graces and blessings. Do not miss this wonderful day.

There will also be the First Class relic of the great and incorrupt St Bernadette Soubirous, one of the most loved saints, and the humble instrument chosen by God. So many came to belief in Lourdes because of her sincerity, her simplicity and because the grace of God flowed so powerfully through her. Come and venerate her first class relic. St Bernadette will surely intercede for us if we pray with faith and trust.

Please enlighten and bring others to this very special event. St Mary’s East Malvern

has very good public transport being close to Caulfiled Station or one can take tram 3, stop 61 which is even closer (just 320 metres). One can also get off at East Malvern station on the Glen Waverley line and walk or catch tram 3/3a There is ample off street parking to the side and rear of the Church. A day not to be missed.

God will do great things in us as well if we unite ourselves to Our Blessed Mother. How pleased God is too, when we honour the Mother of Our Lord. God will never forget any act we do in honour of Our Lady.

First Class Relic of St Bernadette Soubirous Comes to Melbourne

We are so blessed to be able to offer to all who come on that day, the opportunity to venerate the First Class Relic of this wonderful and greatly loved Saint.  There will be no less than 2 First Class Relics present:  The First is a piece of the incorrupt flesh of St Bernadette;  YES, God deigned to preserve her body from decay and it is, to this day lying in state in the convent chapel at Nevers in France where St Bernadette lived her religious life.   

The second is a piece of bone and is enshrined in a magnificent icon of Lourdes. 


Please do come on this day to enjoy the love and blessings that are poured out whenever Our Mother under the title of Our Lady of Lourdes is honoured.  

Getting There

St Mary's East Malvern is located at 91 Manning Road East Malvern

By Public 


The Church is very close to Caulfiled Station or one can take tram 3, stop 61 which is even closer (just 320 metres). One can also get off at East Malvern station on the Glen Waverley line and walk or catch tram 3/3a

By Car:

Holy Cross Church is not far from the South Eastern Freeway and Dandenong Road (Princess Highway)

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